Learning systems

Saora® provides education services through its websites. The material is provided on our websites for distance learning both online/offline, through broadcast or prerecorded content. There are a variety of programs that are available to a learner for any field or profession that the user may choose for example language, business, the arts, science, technical and vocational fields like mathematical applications, computer technology/programming applications, engineering, and medicine etc.

JLPT Practice

JLPT Practice is our website devoted to providing material for learning about Japan and Japanese language. In particular course material is provided for practicing and preparing for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The site contains a lot of prerecorded as well as interactive and live study material for learning Japanese from the elementary level to taking mock tests for JLPT. This service can also be accessed from mobile phones.

JLPT Practice:

JLPT Practice for Android

JLPT Practice Kanji dictionary JLPT Practice Demo test


Saora® also provides localization and translation services for technical documents like specifications, manuals, agreements and so on.

Languages Supported

English, Japanese, Hindi,Tamil, Sindhi, Punjabi, German, Spanish