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Keepoint® Programming (KPS) is a service to build a data storage web application. The core of KPS is a Python/Django system that can be embedded into another project while the front-end communicates through an AJAX interface. India Federation™ is an example of a web application using the KPS as its heart.
India Federation™ is a web information sharing service provided by Saora®. It allows users from anywhere in the world to upload documents, images, text data, messages and other information, share it with other users. Users can also access the information uploaded by other users and communicate with them using the secure messaging service provided within India Federation. This service can be used from the personal computers or from mobile phones, thereby giving the users a seamless experience regardless of the device they may use for accessing the global network.

India Federation  [India Federation™]

India Federation™ is a social networking site aimed for Indians living abroad:
find and connect with Indians where you live and across the world.
We invite you to add yourself as a ‘link’ in India Federation™, for any language and/or culture that you have inherited or are interested in, and connect it to the rest of the world in time and space. Just choose what chain you want to be a link in, set your current location, and go! Other people searching for what you have inherited or are interested in, will be able to find you on the map any time, anywhere and contact you as well. We hope that India Federation™ becomes a place to find Indians far and near, of all languages from Assamese to Malayalam, and everything in between.
Don’t forget to make yourself a link in the chain for the precious language and culture YOU have inherited, so others can find you, and tell them what you see and hear around you, wherever you are, because it is very likely that what you have seen, nobody has seen experienced before!
Join India Federation™ and be in India everywhere with your friends and family, and help making India Federation™ the most beautiful collection of precious links to our mutual heritage across time and space.

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