Web Research Engine Kee<p>oint

kee<p>oint ®online is a new addition to the Keepoint family of products, which enables you to create your research pages and work on them. It has all the 'kee' features of the Keepoint series, namely Keep this page, Keep link, annotate and share, as well as the added advantage of being saved online, so that  you   can access your saved information from anywhere. The new Research Page feature (called <re>page on the buttons), allows you to create a research page, add snippets or drop images into it and write your own text, highlight stuff and so on, just as you would in your research notebook. It is a great way to gather your information on the web and share it  with  your friends and collegues. Keepoint's classic KeepAs tag, allows you to tag our <re>pages freely and then access them as easily as you did them in Keepoint. Keepoint Online gives you the functionality of Keepoint with the flexibility of acess. is the flagship website of kee<p>oint ® online Platform. The primary goal of this site to demonstrate the interactive experience of information archiving and retrieval for users,  User  can  create  any  number  of  his  own  pages  with   information  that  he  chooses  to  save  on  them. It provides "Keepoint Like" functionality on the web, enabling the user to save information from websites on a single page e.g. information about a destination/ a trip itinerary/a school project etc. , and create many such pages in his account. The function will be called Collect your own Tidbits and users can also use their pages to write their blogs. (the site has a restricted access as of now)