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Saora Inc. releases "Keeworld" android home application View video

Released on September 01, 2010, Yokohama, Japan

Saora Inc., today announced the release of Keeworld; a home application for the Android platform designed to provide users with smart phones a unique, fresh and convenient way to work with their Android device and personal information.

“Traditional home applications on the Android platform provide their users with a way to access their applications and view other small pieces of information in the form of 'widgets',” says Saora. “What they do not provide is a way to quickly access the information, such as photographs, music or contacts, without opening the relevant application”. Keeworld categorizes the information and applications in to three categories: Actions, Connections and Expressions. Legacy home applications provide access to Actions. Keeworld provides access to all three.

Keeworld creates a way to quickly access your Actions (applications, folders) and widgets like before, as well as providing instant access to your Connections (contacts, mail, chat, etc...) and Expressions (images, videos and music). Keeworld even notifies the user of the updates in their Facebook and Twitter world.

Saora created Keeworld with a more playful approach than other homes so that users can have fun while using their Android 1.6 or 2.1+ device. From more colourful and almost cartoonish graphics to 'pockets', containers that hold the three categories; 'pocketins', the way to access what you want, i.e. applications, mail, images; and 'ribbons', ribbons that flow down the screen, displaying the items that reside in a pocketin; Keeworld provides an enjoyable and fun way to use your Android and access your information. Furthermore, Keeworld's graphics can be customized by downloading themes from Google's Android Market or for a more program savvy user by designing their own themes using the Keeworld API. These themes allow Keeworld to take on completely different appearances so that each user's device can look exactly how they want it to.

Keeworld is available in the Google Android Market by searching for 'Keeworld' in two versions: the full version for 599 yen and the lite version for free. More information and a how-to can be found at

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