Press Release

Saora Inc. announced its first participation at NEXPO in 2004 to showcase its core software products, Keepage and Keepoint 1.0 for the publishing and newspaper industry.

Released on Jun. 01, 2004

Cupertino CA, June 01, 2004: Saora Inc. -KeePage is a set of ‘online information management’tools for online news websites. Content quality and content interactivity are the two basic requirements to create a loyal online subscriber base, one of the big challenges that an online news provider faces. The web information management tools available so far have provided the functionality through additional servers. Keepage, being a client side solution offers a unique and cost effective means of achieving better information management and interactivity.

The KeePage package facilitates high content interactivity for online subscribers, hooking them to Keepage equipped websites. The highlight of this toolset, the " Keep this page tool ", when put up on a website, enables online news subscribers, save web page contents (articles and news) with a single click. Other key tools in the KeePage set include, " Print this page ", "Email this page " and "Annotate this page", which enable online news subscribers to interact with web page contents.

The usage of KeePage tools by subscribers can be easily monitored and packaged as web analytic reports. These reports are provided for analyzing usage statistics. As Keepage is a client based software tool (which resides on the users PC), additional marketing and advertisement oriented benefits can be materialized.

Keepoint 1.0 is a Web Information Management tool for editors and journalists. The tool will allow editors and journalists to do information gathering, processing and management while browsing the internet, without ever leaving the browser. With keepoint 1.0, editors and journalists can not only save the web contents with a single mouse click, but also assign keywords to them, annotate/highlight text on them, send the annotated pages by email or extract and save only the necessary information from a web page. keepoint 1.0, also automatically sorts and organizes web research results, which are easily accessible in time and content sorted order or for search by keywords etc.

Headquartered in Japan, Saora, Inc., which takes its name from a derivative of the Sanskrit word for Sun, was founded in July 1999. Saora is committed to excellence in providing Internet products and services, priding itself on its products' user interfaces, which are highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use. Saora, Inc. has e-commerce partners throughout Japan, USA and India. For more information, Saora can be reached at 408-973-7840 or by email at For additional information on products please visit