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Saora, Inc. releases the English version of Keepoint v.1.0, Web Research Solution Software

TOKYO, JAPAN, November 22, 2000 2000 - Saora, Inc., - an information management products and services company headquartered in Japan, today began shipping the English version of Keepoint v.1.0, a single integrated web research solution that combines the best existing tools with new technologies to keep track of web pages visited, save pages, annotate and e-mail pages, off-line browsing, and much more. Keepoint is currently available as a download either as shareware and for purchase for $69.90 at various Internet download sites or directly from Keepoint will soon be available in U.S. retail stores.

Keepoint has been specifically tailored to optimize web research. Some of Keepoint `s features include:

Keep track of every page visited: Keepoint can automatically recreate a session. For example, if you visited a Web page last Tuesday, but cannot remember where on the Internet it was, you would simply examine Keepoint's recreation of Tuesday's schedule to find it. This powerful tool substantially cuts down on duplication of searches and increases productivity.

Save Pages: Save the actual Web Page and its contents, not just a bookmark. Where the content of bookmarked pages often changes or is removed from the Internet, Keepoint saved pages are always safely stored on the user's computer. Keepoint even saves pages that cannot be bookmarked such as certain receipts, itineraries, and other dynamically generated pages. With keepoint 1.0, editors and journalists can not only save the web contents with a single mouse click, but also assign keywords to them, annotate/highlight text on them, send the annotated pages by email or extract and save only the necessary information from a web page. keepoint 1.0, also automatically sorts and organizes web research results, which are easily accessible in time and content sorted order or for search by keywords etc.

Annotate: Annotate, highlight, place comments and manipulate the text right on the saved Web Page.

Share: Print or send the annotated pages by email.

Organize: Keepoint automatically sorts and organizes saved web pages by time/date viewed, content,
user-specified keywords and other powerful ways. There is no wasted time because there is no need to specify filenames, folder destinations etc.

Search: Keepoint's search capabilities enable quick and easy retrieval of saved pages by keywords, day/time, page contents, organizations and other powerful ways.

Offline-Browsing: Because the saved pages are stored locally on users` computer, there is no need to be connected to the Internet to access the pages.

Private and secure: Keepoint's ability to store pages on users' computers instead of on the internet ensures privacy and security.

Headquartered in Japan, Saora, Inc., which takes its name from a derivative of the Sanskrit word for Sun, was founded in July 1999. Saora is committed to excellence in providing Internet products and services, priding itself on its products' user interfaces, which are highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use. Saora, Inc. has e-commerce partners throughout Japan and India, and is presently securing partnerships with U.S. companies. Saora, Inc. released the Japanese version of Keepoint in June 2000 and has now released the English version. For more information about Keepoint, please visit its web site:
The shareware version of keepoint (which allows unrestricted use for 30 days) is available for download at The retail version is available upon request to reviewers and/or other entities.
For more information about the Saora, inc., please visit its web site:
For more information, Saora can be reached at +81-45-913-9820 or by email at