Who We are

We are an information management products and services company headquartered in Japan. Saora was founded in July, 1999 to create an environment where individuals get together to to convert their dreams into reality through their incessant commitment to making things happen; By originating our operations from Japan, we intend to bring the Japanese art of perfect productization;to the engineering in software development.

Our Mission

To build an organization that can continuously create and deliver innovative products and services, Whitch are a source of joy to the users, a source of pride to the developers and a source of betterment to the society.

Our Strategy - Illuminating Interfaces with Innovation & Joy

Innovation is the brilliance of our products and their quality of elegance, the light of joy on the faces of our customers. Our flagship product Keepoint R, truly manifests our product philosophy. It is one of the few products available for the consumers in this field and has been extremely well-received.

With Keepoint ® products at the core of our competence, Saora also provides high-end, quality and / or  time critical software consulting services, in the fields of offshore management, Indian languages, and natural language R&D.

Saora is a word derived from the Sanskrit word for Sun, our primary source of light. Our aim is to deliver products and services, which illuminate all interfaces, whether human, machine or otherwise.

The Executive Team

Saora is led by Dr. Aruna ROHRA, who after completing her Ph.D in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in 1979, served as a Lecturer in Physics ('79- '81), Guyana University, Guyana and Post-doctoral fellow in Physics, at Trinity College, Dublin ('81-'84). She Joined Canon Inc. R & D Headquarters, Japan in 1984 and carried out research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Natural Language Understanding technology. From 1996 she led the development of next-generation (Internet enabled) Office Equipment, from concept to product.
She was also instrumental in starting Canon's India Operations. Dr. Rohra along with a few other members of that team, left Canon in June, 1999 and founded Saora Inc. Dr. Rohra has many research papers and over a hundred patents to her credit.


  • Email: sales@ saora.co.jp